Saturday, March 10, 2018

Savannah's Math (Borrowing and Carrying)

Savannah has been practicing borrowing and carrying large numbers.  She was especially proud of completing this subtraction problem with as many numbers as we could fit on the page.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day

Grandma Bea and Grandpa Gene sent us some Valentine's packages full of yummy cookies. 

It included a tic-tac-toe cookie game, very cute and fun. 

We had a little Valentine's festivities at our friend's house yesterday. We had lunch together, decorated cookies, played games and made some Valentines crafts. 

This one was decorated by Alice - pretty!

Launch Party

Some PE class friends had a birthday party at a trampoline park called Launch. 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Woodworking Class - Making Pens

Carson and Tucker used some of their Christmas gift money to sign up for a woodworking class at the local Woodcraft store. 

They crafted and turned wooden pens on lathes.  Then they polished the pens.

Fortunately, there was a Dairy Queen next door to finish off the class.

Tucker's Cub Scout Pinewood Derby

It's Cub Scout Pinewood Derby time again!  Tucker decided to burn a design into his car using Carson's wood burning kit.  His car was fast and had a great, unique style. 

Carson and Savannah made their own cars, that weren't allowed to compete, but they still had fun.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Art Merit Badge for Carson

This is for the Art Merit Badge Requirement 7:

An acrylic painting based on Bob Ross

Medium: acrylic paint

A few sketches of a logo I will soon make. It's based on a C.

medium: pencil

A cool logo I drew with pens.

medium: pens

Another cool logo I drew to represent a C.

medium: photoshop

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Rock Creek Holiday Party

Keith's work, Rock Creek, hosted a great party this year at the Hay Adams Hotel, in DC.  It is a classy 1920's hotel that sits directly in front of the White House.

Rock Creek arranged with Uber to provide free rides for employees and their families to and from the party, which made is so much more convenient.  Otherwise, parking in DC is always a challenge.

There were two parties: one for the children and one for the adults.  The kids had a great magician, face painter, balloon artist, caricature artist, kids food and some kids movies.  They even had cookie decorating, although the cookies were a little hard and flavorless.  Surprisingly, some of the people hired to watch the kids, recognized our kids from last year.  Then they had gift bags individual labeled for each child with generous gifts inside.

The adult party had delicious food and beautiful desserts.  Our table was by the window directly overlooking the White House and Washington Monument.

The view from our table:

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas 2017 with Grandma and Grandpa

We were fortunate enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Knight visit us for an early Christmas this year.  We had a wonderful visit with them, then for the actual Christmas day, we have stayed home together watching Christmas movies and playing with some of the gifts.