Saturday, April 14, 2018


Out in front of the house.

There are thousands of tulips in bloom in front of the house.

a little frog we saw by a little pond by the front of the house.

garden areas on the side of the house

the other side of the house, considered the front of the house, where guests would enter, even though the well-known rotunda is in the back. We took a tour inside the house, but we were not allowed to take pictures. You can see inside pictures here:

Thomas Jefferson's family cemetery

Thomas Jefferson's grave

a kid's discovery room at the Monticello Visitor's Center. We are using a cypher made by Thomas Jefferson (wheel cypher)

using a polygraph made by Thomas Jefferson

the cafe at the visitor's center was very nice

entering the visitor's center

In the shuttle bus up to the house

University of Virginia

We drove to Charlottesville to walk around the University of Virginia, the school that Thomas Jefferson built.

This area is called 'The Range'. Both sides are rooms for graduate students. Because it's all original buildings from the 1800s, there's no air conditioning. For winter, each room has a radiator and a fireplace. We walked by these rooms, (which all face out to this grassy quad area) and there was firewood sitting outside most rooms. All the rooms still have functional fireplaces and students can buy firewood. Very unique for a modern university. 

 These structures behind Carson and Savannah are the original buildings. The main library (first picture) looks a lot like the rotunda style of his Monticello home. 

This is inside what used to be the main library for the university. Now, it just has meeting rooms and study space. 

Monday, April 2, 2018

New House in Fairfax/Oakton, VA

We found this rental in the Oakton/Fairfax area in Virginia, right next to the Metro Station. It has a nice yard and a creek running in back.