Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More Baby Pics!

Someday I'll get some dressy pics of her.


AuntieM said...

AAaaw... I really love all of these! Your family seems so much more complete now and you look like you're enjoying your little girl!

AuntieM said...

I want to see some little tiny baby pics of your boys so I can compare them with Savannah. There are probably similarities even though she's a girl, right? It seems to me like she looks a lot like Carson, but I never saw him at that age.

Anonymous said...

Hi to the Knight Family:
WE had a really nice Thanksgiving with your Mom and Dad at our house in Turlock.
Your family pictures are really great! I tried to pull them up on the computer on Thanksgiving day to share with the family but, the internet was too busy and I couldn't log on to the site.
Savannah is beautiful. I think she looks more like her Mom.
Love to All,
Aunt DIANE, Uncle Charlie, and Jason